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The pictures shown in the slideshow above are several moments that GANAG experienced throughout it's 21 years of existence. Between rodeos, trips, shows and tours, we have a lot of luggage in the trunk and stories to tell.

       Founded on February 14, 1994 in the city of Encantado / RS, the GAN Anita Garibaldi was born in order to preserve and worship the gaucho traditions, seeking to sow culture and tradition by love to the Rio Grande, as stated in its motto.

       Since then, the Group keeps active in the region and in the state, participating in rodeos, festivals and presentations in general, in the artistic, cultural and campeira. Besides acting in Rio Grande do Sul, was present at International Folklore festivals in Germany (2007), Italy (2009) and recently in Poland (2013). In the history of the Group are marked several important awards, such as titles in Rodeo Artistic Regional 24ªRT, FEGART, ENART, FECARS, International Vacaria Rodeo, Osorio and Mercosur held in Gravataí. The Youth Invernada unprecedentedly obtained the 16th position in JUVENART in 2011. Also noteworthy achievements in the Prenda's Tender, regional and state level, with 21 titles at regional level and 5 at the state level.

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